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8 books you should read outside of school

8 books you should read outside of school

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The real reason why there’s an “R” in “Mrs”

So, maybe you have never asked yourself, "Why is there an r in Mrs.?" But most of us have experienced the struggle when you're trying to figure out how to address someone (a teacher, or your friend's parents). For guys, it's less complex. All you have to say/write/type is Mr. As for women, there's Miss, Ms.,...

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My Modern Metropolis

Rare Kaleidoscopic Glass Sculptures by Jack Storms

Being told that his unusual vision was impossible did not prevent Jack Storms from becoming an innovative artist. Instead, he was motivated to take on a rare, physically intense form of art, which gave him the opportunity to thrive as a world-renowned glass sculptor. Using lead crystal and diachronic glass, Storms creates...

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My Modern Metropolis

Stray Dog Spontaneously Joins Swedish Team Competing in 430-Mile Amazonian Race

Right before a four-person Swedish team was scheduled to hike, kayak, and bike a grueling 430-mile endurance race through the Amazon rainforest, they sat down for a quick meal together. That's when teammate Mikael Lindnord noticed a tattered, miserable-looking stray dog. Feeling sympathy for the dog, he decided to give him...

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How my library totally changed my life when I needed it most

How my library totally changed my life when I neede...

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My Modern Metropolis

Dreamy 3D Paper Creations Gracefully Re-Imagine Nature's Beauty

In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook the natural beauty that surrounds us. With her ornate and dream-like paper creations, Polish illustrator Bozena Rydlewska, aka Bozka, helps to remind us that Mother Nature is a true artist. Using symmetrical, fluid 2D illustrations from her New Botany series as a foundation,...

Past Loves Day Story Contest - Spruce Mountain Press

Past Loves Day Story Contest - Spruce Mountain Pres...

Alessiaiannetti1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Enchanting Wood-Based Illustrations Vividly Portray Brilliant Mythological Scenes

Italian artist Alessia Iannetti uses her wondrous talent to create an enchanting world filled with pale, mesmerizing women, forest nymphs, feathery moths, and vivid hummingbirds. Applying graphite, watercolor, colored pencils, and ink to a wooden base, the artist illustrates pieces that are so detailed that they appear to be on...

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My Modern Metropolis

Man Fled Nazi Germany and Found Solace in Photographing Famous Jazz Musicians

In 1939, Francis Wolff caught the last unrestricted boat out of Germany, escaping his fate as a Jewish man living under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Before leaving, Wolff diligently studied photography in Berlin, working to master this art form. By the time he left, he was known in Germany...

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You & Me

OCD: I Can't Control My Brain

Jul 12, 2014 ... At least it saved me from hearing the typical “Anna, clean your room” instructions. In third grade, my life .... Author Info: BY ANNA GRAGERT ......

The Feminism Taste Test, by Anna Catarina Gragert | The Stockholm ...

The Feminism Taste Test, by Anna Catarina Gragert |...

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Lessons I've learned from going to therapy – HelloGiggles

Lessons I've learned from going to therapy – HelloG...



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12 reasons why Jim Carrey’s Grinch stole my Christmas-loving heart

When I turned 6 years old, I called our local movie theater and asked if they were playing How the Grinch Stole Christmas, because I wanted to have my birthday party there (and I would settle for nothing less than the Grinch). “Um. It’s February. Christmas was in December,” was the...

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How to embrace your own path and not what’s expected of you

We live in a world where many people see only one path in life, “the right path.” This path goes a little something like this: birth > preschool > elementary school > middle school > high school > college > job > family > death (plus or minus a few...