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I Was Reluctant To Call Myself A Feminist

I would overhear both girls and boys say the word “feminist” as if they were referring to something troublesome and offensive. They thought that all feminists were the type to push their opinions d......

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Thought Catalog

20 Empowering Quotes For Women

I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself. Emma Watson...

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Thought Catalog

The Problem With The Introvert/Extrovert Divide

I just do not understand why our culture has divided us to the point where we cannot just be ourselves without having to worry about the consequences....

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Thought Catalog

How I Discovered Self-Confidence Without All That Makeup

I was not one of those girls that wore makeup as a form of self-expression. I was just doing it because that’s what I thought all girls did....

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5 Easy Ways To Start Friendships with Other Human Beings

After much trial and error, there are five things that have helped me make new friends time and time again (even in the most awkward situations). Here they are:...

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Thought Catalog

The Problem With Being Honest About Mental Illness

If you see me after therapy, please don’t look at me like I just returned from war....

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Why Women's Bathing Suits Are The Least Female-Friendly "Clothing" Around

To wear such a bathing suit, I would have to remove all of the hair on my body, barely eat, and work out every day to rid my body of the natural curves that are popping out of this swimsuit....

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Thought Catalog

Emotions Aren't Good Or Bad, They Just Are

Allow yourself to simply feel with no boundaries. Allow yourself the freedom to just be....

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Thought Catalog

Why I Read And Write For Thought Catalog

We, as writers and as readers, can surely grow from sharing our writing with others....

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Thought Catalog

6 Signs You Need To Make Yourself A Priority Again

If you find that “So many things are coming at me at once, all the time,” you can probably translate that to mean “I am not in a good place right now and I need to make some positive changes.”......

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51 Signs You Are PMS-ing Way Too Hard Right Now

When people don’t message you back right away, you consider that a personal offense and you vow that you will never talk to that person again....

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Thought Catalog

18 Signs You've Grown Up Since High School

You finally realize what your parents meant when they said that money does not grow on trees....

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Thought Catalog

Why Do People Find It So Unbelievable That I'm Naturally Skinny?

Yes, I am a naturally thin woman. I was born this way (cue the Lady Gaga music). I am not “so lucky.” No, I am not on a weight-loss diet. I do not spend every waking moment in the gym. I do not con......

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I Am Hiring Unique, Strong, Undiscovered Voices: Could Yours Be One Of Them?

We are looking for a strong voice to join our rapidly-growing team of writers....

Thought Catalog

3 Beautiful And Freeing Things To Remember When You’re Truly Afraid To Ask For Help

Even these first baby steps of admitting you need help can unleash a strength within you that you have not seen in a very long time....