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Jackstorms1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Rare Kaleidoscopic Glass Sculptures by Jack Storms

Being told that his unusual vision was impossible did not prevent Jack Storms from becoming an innovative artist. Instead, he was motivated to take on a rare, physically intense form of art, which gave him the opportunity to thrive as a world-renowned glass sculptor. Using lead crystal and diachronic glass, Storms creates...

Arthur1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Stray Dog Spontaneously Joins Swedish Team Competing in 430-Mile Amazonian Race

Right before a four-person Swedish team was scheduled to hike, kayak, and bike a grueling 430-mile endurance race through the Amazon rainforest, they sat down for a quick meal together. That's when teammate Mikael Lindnord noticed a tattered, miserable-looking stray dog. Feeling sympathy for the dog, he decided to give him...

1156568 dreamy 3d paper creations gracefully re imagine nature s beauty article
My Modern Metropolis

Dreamy 3D Paper Creations Gracefully Re-Imagine Nature's Beauty

In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook the natural beauty that surrounds us. With her ornate and dream-like paper creations, Polish illustrator Bozena Rydlewska, aka Bozka, helps to remind us that Mother Nature is a true artist. Using symmetrical, fluid 2D illustrations from her New Botany series as a foundation,...

Alessiaiannetti1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Enchanting Wood-Based Illustrations Vividly Portray Brilliant Mythological Scenes

Italian artist Alessia Iannetti uses her wondrous talent to create an enchanting world filled with pale, mesmerizing women, forest nymphs, feathery moths, and vivid hummingbirds. Applying graphite, watercolor, colored pencils, and ink to a wooden base, the artist illustrates pieces that are so detailed that they appear to be on...

Franciswolff1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Man Fled Nazi Germany and Found Solace in Photographing Famous Jazz Musicians

In 1939, Francis Wolff caught the last unrestricted boat out of Germany, escaping his fate as a Jewish man living under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Before leaving, Wolff diligently studied photography in Berlin, working to master this art form. By the time he left, he was known in Germany...

Nationalicecreamday0 article
My Modern Metropolis

17 Fun Works of Art Inspired by Ice Cream

Since ice cream is the ultimate go-to indulgence in sweet, comfort food, it's no wonder that this delectable dessert has its own national holiday. (Here in the US, National Ice Cream Day falls on the third Sunday of July, making July 19th the perfect cheat day.) This should also make...

Gunnarsmoliansky1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Captivating Black-and-White Photographs Strikingly Capture 1950s Stockholm

Swedish photographer Gunnar Smoliansky spent his creative time in Stockholm during the 1950s, but the images that he captured are relative and captivating no matter where you live in the world. Each black-and-white photograph establishes a feeling of suspense, urgency, and humanity, touching upon the human experience. Those that view...

Riff2 article
My Modern Metropolis

Gentle Therapy Dog and Adorable Rescue Rat Become Unlikely Best Friends

When taxidermist Mickey Alice Kwapis saved a 4-week-old rat from becoming snake food at a reptile shop, she did not expect that this would be the beginning of an unlikely friendship. When Riff Ratt first arrived in his new home, he needed to be bottle-fed and nursed back to health....

Impossible1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Extraordinary Teenagers Build an Eco-Friendly Mobile Village for the Homeless

Nickelsville is a nomadic shanty town where the homeless sleep under rickety tarps and tents, struggle with basic sanitation, and have trouble affording necessary electricity. Not long ago, a group of empathetic Seattle teens worked on solving this complex problem by teaming up with Sawhorse Revolution, an innovative non-profit that...

Mrs.t1 article
My Modern Metropolis

90-Year-Old Tortoise Moves Twice as Fast After Having Legs Replaced with Wheels Because of Rat Attack

When a pet tortoise named Mrs. T was hibernating for the winter, she ended up losing her front legs. A rat had eaten both legs up to the elbow joint, after breaking in to the garden shed where she was sleeping. "We were afraid she may have to be put down,"...

Peixi1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Artist Stacks 50,000 Coins with Chopsticks to Create Glueless Replica of Chingqing, China

Chinese artist He Peixi used only coins, agate stones, and chopsticks to create an incredible replica of his hometown. After collecting 11 different kinds of both ancient and modern currency, Peixi ended up using 50,000 pieces for his unique project. For two hours a day, the imaginative artist stacked coins...

Sarsfield1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Meditative Human Sculptures Transfer Energy Through Black Wires

When connecting with a fellow human being, what is it that we share? Tracey Sarsfield's Reflected is a powerful exhibition that explores this thought-provoking question, allowing onlookers to see that a relationship is not always something that can be seen or put into words. Several of the display's meaningful pieces show two...

Petstore1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Thought-Provoking Experiment: Free Shelter Pets Are Placed in a Pet Store with a Price Tag

Brazilian animal rights group Accoviaçcão Quatro Patinhas recently teamed up with an animal-loving pet store to prove that a price tag means nothing when it comes to finding a devoted furry companion. The compassionate store agreed to see if they could get customers to adopt affectionate shelter animals by pretending...

Koh1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Art Teacher Paints Watercolor Landscapes Using Water Found at Her Destinations

Hannah Jesus Koh does not bring ordinary tap water with her when she creates watercolor paintings of her stunning surroundings. Using liquid straight from the environment that she wants to portray, the high school art teacher paints remarkable landscapes within the confines of her journal. Koh started using this special...

Hikaru1 article
My Modern Metropolis

Hikaru Cho Merges Humans with Technology Through Hyperrealistic Bodypainting

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho is back again with more captivating makeup transformations. This time, the exceptionally talented artist used her expert makeup skills to create hyperrealistic illusions of floating dismembered heads and altered human faces. The designs were commissioned by Samsung for the launch of their Galaxy S6 phones, so all...